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Institute of Genetics


British Columbia


Canada's Michael Smith Genome Sciences Centre
The Genome Sciences Centre has a primary mandate to deploy resources and technology of a high-throughput genome mapping and DNA sequencing lab to decrypt the genetic code, specifically to advance cancer research, diagnosis and treatment.

Mouse Atlas of Gene Expression
This project aims to be a quantitative and comprehensive atlas of gene expression in mouse development.

Pamela Hoodless
Research Interests:
  • Early mammalian embryogenesis
  • TGFbeta signal transduction
  • Gene regulation
  • Mouse Atlas of Gene Expression

Marco Marra
Research Interests:
  • Large scale DNA sequencing, large scale DNA mapping, gene discovery, bioinformatics, programmed cell death, C. elegans, Drosophila, cancer, genomics




Earle and Associates
Earle & Associates provides advisory services to senior managers, entrepreneurs and investors in the life sciences, to help understand the marketplace and identify opportunities for commercial success.

University of Calgary Centre for Mouse Genomics
The function of the Centre for Mouse Genomics is to support investigators both through generation of transgenic and mutant mice, and by fostering the use of mouse models to understand human disease - through provision of services and access to analytical facilities.

Jay Cross
Research Interests:
  • Use molecular biology and genetic techniques to understand how the cell cycle, cell differentiation and tissue morphogenesis are orchestrated during embryonic development
  • Focus on the placenta and heart, the earliest organ systems to develop in mammalian embryos

Frank Jirik
Research Interests:
  • Role of the inositol phosphatases PTEN and SHIP in the regulation of the immune system
  • Spontaneous mutagenesis in genomic DNA derived from tissues of mice lacking a variety DNA repair molecules
  • Characterization of a novel model of marrow hypoplasia

Derrick Rancourt
Research Interests:
  • Gene Targeting Technologies
  • Research Program in Neural Functional Genomics
  • Implantation Serine Proteinases

Steve Robbins
Research Interests:
  • Protein-tyrosine kinases and compartmentalized signalling: controlling cell proliferation and differentiation


Beavis Informatics
Beavis Informatics was founded to provide innovative products and services to companies who are engaged in the new Systems Biology marketplace. Our goal is to innovate all the time: we are about R&D, not commercial products.

The Genomic Centre for Cancer Research and Diagnosis

The aims of the Genomic Centre for Cancer Research and Diagnosis, at the University of Manitoba are basic and translational research, as well as education of highly qualified personnel in genomic instability, cancer genetics and imaging. The activities of the GCCRD have expanded to include projects in molecular biology, cell biology, histopathology, and genetic diseases.

Mammalian Functional Genomics Centre
The next major challenge to the Genome Initiative will be to bridge the gap between rapidly expanding DNA sequence databases and gene function. To utilize the sequence information for large-scale functional studies, the Mammalian Functional Genomics Centre has developed a process called Tagged-Sequence Mutagenes

Manitoba Energy Science and Technology
The Manitoba government's Department of Energy, Science and Technology aims to build the capacity for Manitobans to prosper through innovation, by: creating strategic partnerships, encouraging investment, enabling equitable access to the right tools, promoting awareness and knowledge, and championing critical policy development.

Manitoba Institute of Cell Biology
The institute is dedicated to fundamental research in biology and its relation to health, with a primary emphasis on cancer and related diseases.

National Laboratory for Host Genetics and Prion Diseases
The 5-year-old Host Genetics and Prion Disease program (HGPD) concentrates on the infectious agents and host responses of Transmissible Spongiform Encephalopathies (TSEs, also known as prion diseases).

Michael Coulthart

Hao Ding

Geoff Hicks

Research Interests:
  • Functional Analysis of the Mammalian Genome
  • Functional Analysis of TLS, EWS, and ALR in normal development and in oncogenic transformation




BIOTECanada is the national organization dedicated to promoting a better understanding of biotechnology and the many ways it contributes to improving the quality of life of all Canadians.

The Canadian Mouse Mutant Repository
The CMMR is the central repository for the physical archive of cryopreserved ES cells, spermatozoa, ova, embryos, and tissue DNA generated by Canada's mouse genome effort.

The Centre for Applied Genomics
TCAG is a Canadian centre for human genome and disease research

The Centre for Modeling Human Disease
The CMHD's goal is to produce new mouse models of human developmental and clinical disorders. By combining the power of mouse mutagenesis with a barrage of phenotypic screens the CMHD is an invaluable resource for researchers in Canada and worldwide.

Mouse Imaging Centre
The Mouse Imaging Centre (MICe) at The Hospital for Sick Children is a unique resource combining the latest state-of-the-art digital imaging technologies for the characterization of mouse functional genomics.

Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute
The Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute at Mount Sinai Hospital is one of the world's leading centres in biomedical research: a pioneer in functional genomics and the development of genomic tools, a program exploiting transgenic mouse and embryonic stem cell technologies to generate animal models of human disease, and committed to excellence in health research and the training of young investigators.

The Toronto Centre for Phenogenomics
The TCP is an innovative, scientific collaboration between four research hospitals to operate a centralized, state-of-the-art mouse facility for genetic research involving generation of mutant mice, physiological phenotyping, behavioural analysis, imaging, pathology and cryopreservation for storage and distribution.

Tim Hughes
Research Interests:
  • Functional Genomics
  • DNA Microarrays
  • Oligonucleotide Array Technology
  • RNA Processing
  • RNPs
  • Transcriptional Regulation
  • Drug Target Identification
  • Bioinformatics

Colin McKerlie
Research Interests:
  • Genetics
  • Molecular & cellular
  • Immunopathology / transplantation / inflammation

Andras Nagy
Research Interests:
  • Development of blood vessels under normal and pathological conditions
  • Genomic imprinting
  • Embryonic Stem cells as a genetic model for the mouse
  • Stem cell biology

Lucy Osborne
Research Interests:
  • The molecular basis of Williams-Beuren syndrome (WBS)
  • Functional Annotation of the Mouse Genome

Janet Rossant
Research Interests:
  • Mechanisms by which the early mammalian embryo develops different cell lineages and establishes a basic body pattern
  • Formation and function of the trophoblast, the establishment of embryonic patterning at the onset of gastrulation and the early development of the vascular system
  • Developing new mouse models of human disease using genomewide mutagenesis

William Stanford
Research Interests:
  • Adult stem cells & regenerative medicine
  • Embryonic stem cells & tissue engineering
  • Functional genomics & models of human disease



Reseau de Recherche en Transgenese du Quebec (Quebec GM Animal Network)
The Quebec GM Animal Network (RRTQ) was founded to unify and strengthen the academic infrastructures of transgenic animal research in Quebec.


Emerillon Therapeutics
Emerillon Therapeutics is a Canadian biotech company that focuses on the discovery of novel pharmaceutical targets for the purpose of developing treatments for some of the most prevalent human disorders of our time.

McGill Cancer Centre
The main goal of the Cancer Centre is to coordinate cancer research in the University's departments and its major affiliated hospitals. Through its own activities and international collaborations, the Centre focuses on new discoveries and knowledge leading to the improvement of the prevention and treatment of cancer.

Nexia Biotechnologies
Nexia Biotechnologies Inc. develops and manufactures complex recombinant proteins for military and civilian applications.

Phage Tech
PhageTech is a private, venture-backed, Canadian biotechnology company. It aims to become an industry leader in the discovery and development of much needed new classes of antibiotics through a discovery approach based on naturally validated novel targets.

Valorisation-Recherche du Quebec
Beyond a teaching institution, the university is also an engine for belief and progress of societies. Combining university research and business projects provides a winning strategy to raise the challenges of a competitive economy.

Philippe Gros
Research Interests:
  • Resistance to chemotherapy in tumour cells
  • Genetic basis of susceptibility to infectious diseases
  • Genetic basis of neural tube defects in neurogenesis

Alan Peterson
Research Interests:
  • Exploiting transgenic technology to address basic questions in developmental genetics, in particular, the regulation of gene expression in the developing and mature nervous system.

Michel Tremblay
Research Interests:
  • Focus on four Protein Tyrosine Phosphatase enzymes (TC-PTP, PTP-PEST, PTP sigma, PTP1b) and their relationship to mouse development and cancer



Boris Kablar
Research Interests:
  • Trophic relationship between striated muscle and motor neurons
  • Differentiation of cholinergic amacrine cells in the retina
  • Developmental relationship between striated muscle and skeleton
  • Differentiation of pneumocytes type I and II in the lung